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CultureGrams Online Database
Individual Reports
CultureGrams Online Database
The CultureGrams Online Database combines affordability, unlimited printing rights, and anytime access to the World, Kids, States, and Provinces editions, photo and slideshow galleries, videos, interviews, recipes, famous people biographies, and graphs and tables. The engaging, colorful interface is fun and easy to navigate, whether users are reading reports, exploring maps and flags, or using the convenient search feature.
World Edition
Cultural reports for more than 200 countries each include 25 categories such as land and climate, history, personal appearance, greetings, dating and marriage, family, diet, housing, holidays, economy, education, and health. Perfect for junior high and high school students.
Kids Edition
This collection of more than 100 country reports teaches upper elementary-aged children more about the world around them. Each report includes up-to-date, engaging cultural information, complete with images, historical timeline, fun facts, and sections on history, population, "life as a kid," and more.
States Edition
These colorful and easy-to-read state reports help upper elementary-aged students understand the diversity and history of each U.S. State and the District of Columbia. Reports includes maps, flags, symbols, and timelines, plus sections on history, economy, geography, population and more.
Provinces Edition
This edition contains kid-friendly reports on all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Reports include images, maps, charts, data tables, and fun facts, plus sections on the environment, culture, government, first inhabitants, and more.
Photo Gallery
Thousands of images representing daily life around the globe.
Video Player
Online video for dozens of countries that provides rich visual detail on a wide variety of countries and cultures.
Slideshow Gallery
Themed slideshows for dozens of countries.
Hundreds of interviews of adults and children from around the world about their lives and cultures.
Recipe Collection
Five recipes for each of the more than 200 countries included in the World Edition.
Data Tables
Create your own data tables choosing the countries, regions, and data you want to compare! Sort it, print it, or save it to a spreadsheet. Or use our existing data tables of useful data for comparing countries.
Famous People Index
Short biographies on famous individuals from around the world.
Features Include:
Unlimited printing rights
Remote access
Printer-friendly formatting
Advanced search function
Build-your-own statistical comparison tables

Searchable glossary of over 4,000 cultural terms

Statistical extremes tables in a top-10 format
Maps, flags, national anthem sound files
CultureGrams Online Database pricing varies by number of users and by length of term.
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