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CultureGrams™ are concise reports that describe a country's peoples, customs, lifestyle, and society. In addition to annually updating all CultureGrams with the latest economic, political, and statistical information, we are currently expanding our reports by adding additional cultural content. To do this, we seek input from citizens of the target country or professionals with recent long-term experience in the target country.

There are two types of CultureGrams for which we solicit reviews. One is the World Edition, which includes more than 200 country reports that are written at a high school level. We also publish a Kids Edition (more than 100 country reports), which is intended for children ages 9 to 11.

If you are interested in reviewing a CultureGrams report, please follow the five steps below.

Step 1. See if your country is up for review.

View the list of countries for which we are currently seeking reviews. Priorities change periodically, so please check again later if your country of expertise is not currently selected for review.

If your country of expertise is Aruba or French Guiana, please view our Writer page.

Step 2. See if you meet our Reviewer qualifications.

To be considered, potential Reviewers must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be either a native who has not been away from the country for more than three years and who has continuing contact with individuals in the country
  • Or a nonnative who has lived full-time in the country for at least two and a half of the last four years


  • Have a college degree or equivalent education
  • Speak with near fluency either the country's official language or a major national language
  • Have had experience in more than one region of the country and with different socioeconomic levels.

We will select those individuals with the most recent residency, the broadest cultural exposure, and the most relevant abilities or experiences.

Step 3. Learn more about the project.

Courtesy Payment

This is an educational project and not an act of employment. To thank our project participants, we provide a one-time courtesy payment of US$200 - $250 for a World Edition review (depending on the review's scope) and US$150 for a Kids Edition review. (The payment for Kids Edition reviews is less because the texts are much shorter.)

We can pay any U.S. citizen, permanent resident of the United States, or foreign national. However, we cannot pay Reviewers who live in the United States without legal resident status.

Step 4. Read a sample CultureGram™.

Read a sample World Edition text or Kids Edition text to understand the kind of information you will evaluate. (You must have or download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these PDFs.)

Step 5. Fill out the Reviewer Application.

E-mail us your application by completing the web-formatted Reviewer Application.

We usually will notify you of your status with the project within two weeks. We will send selected Reviewers a copy of the CultureGram to be reviewed and a list of guidelines.

If you need more information about becoming a Reviewer, please e-mail us at