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Contribute Video
Contribute Video
CultureGrams™ are concise reports that describe a country's peoples, customs, lifestyle, and society. A new and growing feature of the CultureGrams website is the Video Gallery, which presents digital video clips from around the globe. These clips give a unique perspective into a culture that text alone cannot provide. Most range from under a minute to two or three minutes and feature aspects of the culture and daily life of the people in the country (e.g., a meal being cooked, a game, a market, a musical performance, etc.) or an interview with one or more natives from the country. Each video clip is accompanied by a brief written caption that explains what is featured and its significance to the culture.

If you are interested in submitting video to CultureGrams, please follow the five steps below.

Step 1. See if we need video from your country(ies).

View the list of countries for which we are currently seeking video.

Step 2. See if you have the right footage or equipment.

We accept video shot on any camera for consideration, as long as it is

  • At least 480 x 360 pixels (6.67 x 5 in. / 16.93 x 12.7 cm.) large
  • Previously unedited
  • Sufficiently lit, not too shaky, and with clear audio
Video footage may be submitted in any of the following ways:
  • Email digital files to a CultureGrams editor
  • Upload digital files to the CultureGrams FTP site
  • Send digital files burned to a DVD (as data) to the CultureGrams Utah office
  • Send mini-DV tapes to the CultureGrams Utah office

Step 3. Learn more about the project.

Courtesy Payment

This is an educational project and not an act of employment. To thank our project participants, we provide a one-time courtesy payment of US$25 per selected video clip, plus US$4 per minute of selected footage.

We can pay any U.S. citizen, permanent resident of the United States, or foreign national. However, we cannot pay Video Contributors who live in the United States without legal resident status.

Step 4. Watch sample CultureGrams™ videos.

Watch one or two sample daily life clips (cooking wmv mp4, dancing wmv mp4) and an interview (wmv mp4) to understand the kind of video we’re looking for. (You must have or download QuickTime or Windows Media Player to watch these clips.)

Step 5. Fill out the Video Contributor Application.

E-mail us your application by completing the web-formatted Video Contributor Application.

We usually will notify you of your status with the project within two weeks. We will send selected Video Contributors a list of guidelines.

If you need more information about becoming a Video Contributor, please e-mail us at