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Title (Mr., Mrs., Ms.):
First name(s):
Family name:
Full mailing address:
Current occupation:
Degree(s) and field(s) of study:
Language(s) spoken with fluency:
Other countries you have
lived in:
Period of residency in country of expertise
(month/year to month/year):
Reason for period of residency:
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If you are not a native of the country of expertise, are you a permanent resident or expatriate?
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Are you a legal alien or U.S. resident?
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Do you have enough current contacts outside of your own family who can fill the Reviewer roles for the project?
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Do you plan to visit the country of expertise within the next year?
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Are you available to work on this project over the next four months?
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If you are not selected as the Writer, would you like to be a Reviewer?
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Have you read a sample CultureGram and the criteria for becoming a Writer?
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Do you have access to e-mail or a fax machine, and will you e-mail or fax a curriculum vitae (CV) to us?
  Please fax your CV to 1.801.765.1739, or e-mail it to within the next few days. Be sure to list "CultureGram Writer Application for [name of country]" on a cover sheet or at the top of the CV.
Level of contact:
Briefly describe the level of contact you have had with the people's daily life—specifically, the regions, demographic groups, and occupations with which you are most familiar.
Sample of writing:
As a sample of your knowledge and writing, please briefly describe how people in the target culture greet a friend or colleague they see on a regular basis. Be aware of regional, ethnic, or other differences. Limit your response to fewer than five sentences.