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If you have excellent writing skills and extensive experience in a country NOT currently in the CultureGrams™ World Edition series, you may be qualified to help write a CultureGrams report. Please follow the five steps below to apply.

Step 1. See if your country is on our priority list.

We are currently seeking writers for French Guiana. If you have expertise elsewhere, please see our Reviewer page.

Step 2. See if you meet our Writer qualifications.

Our Writers come from many professional backgrounds, but they all must have the following:

  • at least two and a half consecutive years of full-time residency in the country within the last four years
  • a college or university degree
  • some experience with writing in English
  • advanced ability in one or more national languages for the country in question
  • experience with people at different socioeconomic levels, as well as in different regions of the country
  • a knowledge of the country's basic economic, political, and social structure
  • current contacts with at least seven individuals with similar qualifications but different backgrounds who could review a draft text and offer useful revision suggestions
  • a willingness to follow our format, process, guidelines, and deadlines

Step 3. Learn about the project.

Who else is involved in the process?

Because cultures are complex and diverse, each Writer must recommend at least seven Reviewers who would be willing to provide criticisms, suggestions, clarifications, or corrections on the draft CultureGram. Reviewers respond directly to the Editor. They should represent diverse viewpoints (e.g., gender, regional, political, ethnic) and should more or less meet the same residency, educational, and language requirements as the Writer. Unless a text is properly reviewed by at least four qualified individuals, it will not be published and the Writer will not be paid the full compensation.

How are project participants compensated?

Writers receive a one-time payment of US$1000 for an acceptable manuscript. Payments are made at the end of a successful project. Reviewers receive a US$200 courtesy payment. None of these payments should be considered a wage. All persons are considered independent of our company. They may not represent themselves as agents of ProQuest, CultureGrams¬ô, or Brigham Young University. All payments are offered as thanks for assistance with the project.

Copyright and ownership

ProQuest retains copyright over all drafts of the document. Writers work from their own residences, submitting materials directly to the Editor.

Step 4. Read a sample CultureGram™.

Read a sample World Edition text to understand the kind of information you will write. You must have or download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 5. Fill out the Writer Application.

E-mail us your application by completing the web-formatted Writer Application.

No one should apply who is not committed, qualified, and available to finish the task. Writers must be self-motivated and able to meet deadlines. Apply only for countries on our Wanted List. Existing CultureGrams do not need Writers. If you have any questions, send them to