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PDF downloads of individual World, Kids, and States edition reports can be bought on our online store using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
Copy Privileges for Individual Reports

CultureGrams products are copyrighted material. If you buy PDF downloads of individual World, Kids, and States edition reports and wish to make copies, you must buy a copy privileges license and renew it annually. This copy privileges license grants you the right to make copies from individual CultureGrams reports you have purchased and still be in compliance with copyright law. Making copies from individual CultureGrams reports without purchasing copy privileges is a violation of copyright. A copy privileges license may be bought on our online store. The price varies according to the quantity of copies you wish to make.

Customers who purchase individual PDF downloads of CultureGrams reports and wish to e-mail those reports to others must also purchase a copy privileges license that covers the number of people to whom they e-mail the report.

For a price quote, call 1.800.521.0600 ext. 2873.

Print/Copy Privileges for the Online Database

CultureGrams Online Database subscribers may print and/or copy all CultureGrams material for personal use or for use by other Online Database subscribers, but printing and/or copying CultureGrams materials for use by non-subscribers is prohibited.


You may not, without explicit written permission, republish or redistribute CultureGrams content in any electronic or print form, for commercial or non-commercial use, including web sites, blogs, magazines, newspaper articles, journals, books, etc. There are only two exceptions to this copyright policy:

  1. Small excerpts of CultureGrams written content (less than one category) may be used in scholarly/academic reports and publications.
  2. CultureGrams subscribers may (and are encouraged to) use photos, videos, and other CultureGrams media for educational purposes, such as reports, class presentations, and other assignments. These may be posted on secure, password-protected school intranets but not on the open web.
In both cases, all CultureGrams content should be appropriately cited using our copyright notification.


CultureGrams content is copyrighted and closely protected. Requests for republication must be submitted in writing to Only academic/scholarly requests for republication will be granted. Absolutely no commercial, for-profit permissions are allowed.

Approved use allows for small excerpts of CultureGrams written content (less than one category). Whole categories of CultureGrams content may not be reprinted in their entirety, even for academic use. Similarly, multiple paragraphs/sentences excerpted from multiple categories may not be reprinted. Use must be confined to a single work, to include papers, theses, articles, electronic presentations, etc. Print, CD, and single-computer use are acceptable; Web distribution is not.

Approved use must include the following attribution:
"CultureGrams content copyright 2010 ProQuest LLC and Brigham Young University. Content may not be republished or redistributed in any way, form, or medium without the express written consent of ProQuest."

Expanded usage may be granted but will carry a license agreement/use fee based on amount of content used and breadth of distribution. A price quote can be obtained by e-mailing Include requested material, length of time for distribution, and breadth of distribution (volume/subscribership/readership).

Online Database Remote Access

Organizations that have the “remote access” option for their Online Database subscription will be given an organization-wide username and password, allowing their patrons, employees, and/or students anywhere, anytime access to the CultureGrams Online Database. Users may allow members of their immediate families to access the Online Database using their username/password. Further distribution of the username/password is prohibited and will breach the organization's license agreement, subjecting the agreement to termination without monetary compensation. Username/password use is monitored by ProQuest.